News in the Park

New Shower Block – March 2010

At the end of the 2009 season as Fishery Creek closed it's barrier for the last time, rather than a well earned break, it was all station go for the Fishery Creek team. This year the management decided to invest in redeveloping the shower block on the park to bring it in line with the high standard of the rest of the site. This was to be the biggest project we had undertaken many weeks planning went into the scheme to ensure it was just right. Work began in mid November with the old showers being completely gutted and prepared. The tiling and painting began in December and it was decided that heating was need for the colder months either side of peak season. After much research the management discovered that the most efficient and cost effective way to heat the block was under-floor heating. This idea was settled as it would also add that extra bit of luxury for our guests that we always strive for - there's nothing like stepping onto a heated floor with bare feet on a chilly day! Every cubicle was fitted with new sensor controlled lighting and extractor fans ensuring they remain fresh and dry. In February the new partition doors were installed making every cubicle larger and brighter. The new block opened on the 1st March and has had nothing but rave reviews all season.

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