News in the Park

Re-landscaping – March 2009

As part of the management's investment plan for Fishery Creek it was decided that a major re-landscaping project would greatly enhance the appearance of the site and really establish the site as a top quality park. Therefore as the site shut down for Winter in October 2008, the Fishery Creek team set about flattening and re-turfing large areas of the site. In the end a football pitch sized area of turf was laid - back breaking work! Bark was also laid on some pitches to create better irrigation under vans and awnings. The old post and rail fencing was replaced with smart new chain link and 15 news trees were planted across the park. The result of this four month long project was a beautifully laid out and spacious park with most pitches being at least three square meters larger...perfect for a deck chair or two!

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